Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saturn's death star

Moon? Hell no, this looks like the Death Star from Star Wars! Why it should hover around Saturn, nobody knows. The Cassini space probe brought back this nice photo from Saturn's moon Mimas in 2008. The left one is the moon.

Buzzfeed: That's No Moon [PIC]

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  1. Nobody knows or very do, but you'll find hexagons "craters on every moon and on Saturn itself, why?even on Mercury I saw a huge Exagon from images of the Messenger Spacecrafts flyby over Mercury. Also I found cities and estructures on every moon on sector 6 as NASA calls it Iapetus has a huge tower see image PIA06179 on the Ciclops site team control the cassini space crafts, but they have a huge archive that you should check.


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