Monday, March 8, 2010

Portal 2 puzzle

What you see here is screenshots from software publisher Valve's sneak campaign to promote the sequel to their successful game Portal. Valve included some audio transmissions in their latest Portal update which, when decoded, revealed themselves as security camera footage from the game, some of which included letters, numbers and formulas. These, again when properly decoded would yield a Bulletin Board Service (BBS) number from where the above screenshots were downloaded via modem.

Game makers should put puzzles as hard as this IN their games, not in their promo campaigns for the games. Remember some of the incredibly hard puzzle and adventures from the 1980ies? But all in all, an extremely geeky and elaborate move from Valve, and an impressive show of feat by all the countless geeks who decrypted this puzzle.

Valve's Portal Puzzle So Far: The Files Recovered From Aperture Science - Portal 2 - Kotaku

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