Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blade Runner soundtrack bootlegs

There's a mind-bogging number of versions of the original Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis out there. One of the main reasons for that is that there was no official release of the OST until 1993. But that one also included some tracks not in the movie, which didn't go down so well with purist fans. Then in 2007, the 25-anniversary Trilogy edition, with more tracks from the movie on the second disc and some crappy re-interpretations on the third, was released.

In the meantime there were so many different fan-made editions that it's hard to keep track of them--the earliest one a bootleg from the year of release (1982). Some of these soundtracks cut the tracks from the film only, some combined the 1993 OST with cuts from the film, etc. etc. Actually some of them aren't bad, if you find them online, I would recommend to check out the Esper Edition and Private Edition-- these are quite good and hold up to the official releases.

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