Thursday, March 4, 2010

German WWI propaganda

What we have here is a popular piece of propaganda from WWI Germany, directed against the Allied countries fighting Germany. As you can see this exists in many forms, but the most well-known is the one including the "Triple entente" of Russia, Great Britain and France. Sometimes it's also expanded to include Japan, Serbia, Montenegro, Belgium and any other force out there to be hated.

Even though (or probably because) these propaganda slogans reach down to kindergarten rhymes, they are still in the knowledge of German speakers to this day. After all, it's really not hard to memorize "Jeder Schuss ein Russ, jeder Tritt ein Britt, jeder Stoss ein Franzos, jeder Klaps ein Japs" ("Every shot one of the Russians, every kick one of the Britons, every thrust one of the Frenchmen, every slap one of the Japanese")

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