Thursday, March 4, 2010

Concept cars of the 1970

So after I showed you some nice pictures of concept cars from the 1950s and 1960s, let's move on into the 1970s. First up is the real deal, the 1970 Ferrari 512 Modulo designed by Pininfarina.


Cool stuff here: another one from 1970, the Vauxhall SRV (Styling Research Vehicle) was strictly a concept vehicle that never had an actual drivable version produced. It was designed with some unusual features: while only a little over 100cm high, it was a comfortable four seater, and had also lots of fancy stuff like adjustable spoiler, fuel distribution control for adjusting of handling, etc.

Vauxhall SRV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh yes my boys, so good. It's a 1970 Mercedes C111-II.. the German makers were really strong in the seventies! Cool orange, cool 350 horsepower.. what else you asking for? UPDATE: Just saw that Scott Hansen posted a number of great photos of this car over on his ISO50 blog.

Concept Cars - Mercedes C-111

This is the other German entry here, a 1972 BMW Turbo. Simple but influential--many sports cars of today still feature similar looks.

Concept Cars - BMW Turbo

Italdesign put out some real cool stuff, too. First up the concept for a small 2-seater Alfa Romeo, the 1971 Italdesign Alfasud Caimano. Especially likable: the Wipeout-style fat stylized logo on the hood, that's waaay fancy.

Concept Cars - Italdesign Alfasud Caimano

No way getting around this one: the 1972 Italdesign Maserati Boomerang. Flat, sleek, see-through--a real stopper.

Concept Cars - Italdesign Maserati Boomerang

The Nissan Dome Zero from 1978 goes very much the same way, and does everything right too. So stylish you wouldn't want to stop looking at it.

Concept Cars - Dome-0

By the way, Nissan put out another cool concept car in the seventies, and that's the honorable mention for this week: the Nissan 126X from 1971. Yes, this looks kinda odd compared to the others here. It's like KITT beamed back into the 1950s with a smooth finish, really a bit out of time here. Anyway, everythings awesome on this page! Let's hope we see the same degree of greatness with the 1980s feature.

Concept Cars - Nissan 126 X

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