Saturday, February 20, 2010

Usage of the word "Photoshop"

Awww come on Adobe: it is widely known that (like Google) the company that created the software Photoshop is not at all happy with the widespread use of the brand name as a verb. But their full "guidelines for the usage of their trademark" are just ridiculous: You're not supposed to say "Photoshop's new features are impressive" because it's not allowed to use the possessive form, and also you must include the full trademark signs. Of course saying that "something was shopped" is totally out of the question (no slang, no verb use). Have a look at the full guidelines at their web page, and then take a deep breath when you realize that these guidelines are even more strict than those for book authors who want to use the brand name in print! Ridiculous.

Adobe Systems Incorporated Permissions and Trademark Guidelines

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