Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Facebook closes Iron Sky's page, reopens it

Interesting: Facebook shut down the Iron Sky fan page, presumably because of some algorithm detecting the term "Nazi"; then, after some fan protests, they brought the page back 12 hours later, regretting the "misunderstanding":

On February 2nd Facebook closed down the Facebook fan page of Iron Sky, a Finnish-German science fiction comedy where the Nazis, who fled to the Moon in 1945, return to invade Earth in 2018. Apart from a generic note about Iron Sky having violated the terms of use of Facebook no reason for closing down the page was given.

Facebook’s decision to close down the Iron Sky page caused an outcry amongst the fans, who founded a support group in Facebook, changed their Facebook avatar to Iron Sky themed pictures and used Twitter and other social media to spread the news. The Facebook support group gathered over 1000 users in a very short time.

About twelve hours after the page was closed Iron Sky team received an e-mail from the Facebook team, where they were informed that the page is reopened. No reason for the initial decision to close it down was given.

Facebook re-opens Iron Sky fan page : Iron Sky :: Official Movie Site

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