Monday, May 11, 2009

Salad fingers

Salad Fingers is a surreal horror Flash cartoon, created by David Firth. It's about a schizophrenic green-colored hunchback character with extremely long fingers, hence the name Salad Fingers. He is living alone in a wooden shack in an otherwise barren landscape, which is implied to be the aftermath of the "Great War".

Salad Fingers is extremely psychotic, communicating with inert objects around him (most notably his finger puppets, who all are assigned names) and inventing absurd and shocking scenarios. The series is also notable for its use of background music by Boards of Canada, Brian Eno, Sigur Rós and Aphex Twin. Posted here is my favorite episode but i urge you to check out all 8 at the artist's web site below.

Salad Fingers by David Firth