Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rodent recipes

The complete guide to catching and cooking rodents. From Hammyburgers to Chipmunk Chili, Porcupine Stew and Groundhog Pie, this leaves out hardly any rodent species and also teaches you how to hunt, skin and cook your prey. Will be extremely useful when the only food source left is rats!

Rodents, one of several kinds of vertebrates included in the human diet, are very suitable as human food. More than 71 genera and 89 species of rodents, mostly hystricomorphs, have been consumed by man. Some have even been domesticated for private or commercial production of food for human consumption. Rodents in the temperate world serve only as a supplement to the regular diet of humans; but in the tropical world, they are widely accepted and a popular source of protein.

18 Delicious Rodents - How to Cook Rodents - Rodents as a Food Source

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