Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gun cam video missing footage

Remember that helicopter gun cam video from Iraq that has been causing so much controversy? It appears that 20 to 30 minutes were cut from the middle of the video, footage that might have shed a different light on the actions of the helicopter crews:

What happened during that missing half-hour? The Jawa Report cites the sworn statements of the pilots involved in the attack. One pilot said in his statement that between the attack on the journalists and the second attack, two events occurred which may have softened the picture of the pilots provided by the video: 1) The pilots went to assist soldiers under attack, but saw a child and other "noncombatants" and held their fire. 2) The pilots saw a red SUV that may have contained insurgents, but held their fire because they couldn't get a positive identification. Here is the relevant part of the statement.

The 'Full Version' of The Wikileaks Video Is Missing 30 Minutes of Footage - wikileaks - Gawker

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