Friday, January 1, 2010


Funny I never picked up on this great movie, it's probably because the story sounds a bit goofy when you read it but makes sense in the film itself.

The premise of Gamer is that multiplayer games have involved into a new format where players control real humans, convicted murderers who are put through real-life "maps". Meanwhile, the corporation behind this game is also running another game called "Society", but both games are just the preparation to take control over all humans through the nano-technology involved. Imagine Running Man meets Counter Strike meets Dollhouse meets Second Life. It's really a gory, sometimes goofy, dirty piece of movie entertainment and also gives gamers enough details to chuckle occasionally, such as the dummy NPCs in the maps, or the huge bulldozers that guard the "boundaries" of the playfield.

Gamer (2009) - Release dates

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