Friday, December 12, 2008

Europe without Germany

Concept map by Kalimedia, also known for publishing the "Atlas of True Names".

Denmark spills out of Jutland all the way down to Hamborg.

Poland’s new western border corresponds exactly to the old DDR one, with East German cities renamed Drezno (Dresden), Lipsk (Leipzig) and Berolinsk (Berlin), among others.

The Czech Republic extends into northern Bavaria, including Nuremhora (Nuremberg).
Austria has gone completely Italian (Salzburg is now Salcastello) and has overrun southern Bavaria, including Monaco di Baviera (Munich).

France reaches across the Rhine all the way up to Cassel (Kassel), and has frenchified cities like Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen), Mayence (Mainz) and Charlesrepos (Karlsruhe).

The Netherlands reach Hamburg and touch Poland, and include Keulen (Cologne), Dusseldorp (Dusseldorf) and Willemspoort (Wilhelmshaven).

Strange Maps: Europe Without Germany

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