Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Book of Cataclysm

Quotations from "The Book of Cataclysm", as featured in the mission briefings of the game Syndicate Wars:

To take one life is sin. To take a thousand is religion.

The apprentices asked the Master. "When shall we achieve immortality?" And the Master answered, "Not in this life."

A war refugee sought the Master. He said, "You are wise and serene. Teach me to escape the horrors of this world." And the Master blinded him with fire-irons.

Mark thine enemy, for all that separates the damned from the chosen is a dot of monochrome light, projected onto the back of a neck.

The Master has no need for money. But still he sits and counts it. As a meditation.

Not only will all eyes be on the leaders of men, but all combat sights as well.

The people stood like corn in the high fields and listened to the Master. As the reaper's blade scythed them all, the Master fell silent. The lesson would be learned by others.

Syndicate Wars - The Book of Cataclysm

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