Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In between the decades

Wait, is it the end of the decade already again? Well technically no I guess. Isn't it the same as with the 21st century starting in 2001, not 2000? Anyway, judging from the "The XX best/worst/whatever YZ of the past decade" lists cropping up in the Internets these days, it appears we're in fact transitioning from the ..hm.. ougthies? naughties? to the ..well.. two thousand tenners? This is kind of difficult. What kind of fucked-up language joke is that so that you can't refer to the first two decades in a proper way? So for the next ten years we'll have to call the period between 2000 and 2010 "the past decade" and between 2011 and 2020 "the current decade", until we can finally refer to proper decades like the 20ies, 30ies or the 80ies again? This sucks.

And it will especially suck for all kinds of cultural references, like "this haircut is so 80ies" or "that cool kind of 60ies retro design".. see, it's clear instantly what you're talking about when you refer to "goofy 90ies style clothes", but what about after 2000? "This kind of architectural style is so very reminiscent of the period in the first couple of years after the switch to the new millennium?" Why, why isn't there a way around that when it's much easier to say "XXies architecture". The same problem was obvious 100 years ago, when people tried referring to their "00ies" and "10ies" (??), of the twentieth century, that is, but nobody came up with anything conclusive or otherwise at least usable, what with the Great War and all. Well, well. I for one am quite sure that this will be a major referral problem for years to come. Internets of the world, please create a word that catches on!

Anyway, here's the super-psycho Charlie the Unicorn animated film from the Topless Robot's most notorious video meme list of the 00ies.

Topless Robot - The 10 Most Infamous Video Memes of the '00s

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