Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Building a 100,000 ton supercarrier

Popular Mechanics has a detailed piece on the building of the new American aircraft carrier Ford class, costing 15 billion dollars each and weighing in at 100,000 tons. The related 5 Ways to Defend a Supercarrier is also quite interesting.

The last time American engineers designed a carrier from scratch, in the 1960s, they drew the ship in ink and built full-scale wooden models to prove their designs. Then, the construction-yard workers had to figure out how to put the ship together. Things work a little differently in 2009. Now, engineers and foremen can wander around a mockup of the ship without wearing helmets or boots. All they have to do is slip on chunky black glasses, stare at a screen and step inside the ship’s CAD plan.

Supercarrier 2015 - How to Build a U.S. Navy Ford-class Warship - Popular Mechanics

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