Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fake moon landing

Not much wrong with this picture you may think. Yet, by thinking that, you would just become yet another of NASA's conspiracy victims.
Firstly, despite the absence of an atmosphere, no stars can be seen in the sky.
Secondly, the interior of the shopping basket can clearly be seen when all areas in shadow should be pitch black due to the absence of air molecules.
Nice try NASA but we are not fooled that easily!

Well, with this image where does one begin?!
Inconsistent shadows, too much ambient light and incorrect planetary positioning in the sky are all evident here.
Also notice how the focal length of the camera lens has changed compared to the pictures above, even though the astronauts' Hasselblad cameras were only fitted with a single type of prime lens.
Just how stupid did the NASA officials think the public were? NASA Fakes Moon Landing!

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